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Picture Above. Shows Concept of This Game.

Sponsors Support "The Online Bum(TOB)." In Exchange, TOB Place Their
Links on Inventory, in Form of "Item," and Sponsors Get Visits from Players
and Visitors. As TOB Deveolped, The Game will Become an Issue and More People
will Play and Visit TOB; This will Generate Huge Traffics to Sponsors.

Players are Agents of TOB; They Gather Sponsors, Visitors, and New
Players by Contact Them Directly or by Press Release, in Form of "Skill". And
By Doing This, They Gain Achievement, Entertainment, and Commissions.

Visitors Visit TOB to Satisfy Curiosity of Who Millionaire Beggar is And
They Take Part in Generating Traffics to Sponsors. And They Could Become One of

TOB Provides Interesting Stuff for Them to Have a Fun, in Form of "Quest".

To Be Continued...

Please Check Millionaire Maker And Give Me Some Feedbacks

Now, It Works Fine on FireFox.
Could Anyone Report Me If There is Browser Problem? Thanx
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